Shakespeare Club

Monday - Friday, 3pm - 5pm



If “all the world’s a stage” applies to the way your student interacts with the world, then maybe it’s time for them to meet the Bard. William Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets are considered some of the most important literary works and yet remain mysterious to so many of us. This Shakespeare Club Pod demystifies the language in exuberant, boisterous, child friendly ways that Old Will himself would approve of...

Course Overview

Each class session will be structured similarly: a meditation, a physical warm up, theatrical games, a daily assignment to complete and showcase and then time to work on scenes and monologues for the final performance. Movement will include yoga stretches, running around and silly dances. Learn about Shakespeare’s life, the history of English theater Learn famous quotes, silly insults, and an overview of the plays, sonnets. Contemporize Shakespeare with games, raps and songs. Memorize a sonnet each, and film it. Work on two scenes per child over the longevity of the Pod. Decide whether we want a live performance or a screening for our Pod Final Performance.

Sample Schedule

Movement Warm-Up
Group Theater Games
Read Aloud and Analysis
Group Work on Day’s Assignment
Mini Daily Showcase
Group Work on Final Performance

About the Teacher

I love Shakespeare and was lucky enough to be introduced to his plays and poetry at a young age. Denver Public Schools held a Shakespeare Festival and as a student, I participated in it for years; as an adult, I continue to pursue the study of the Bard in a weekly Shakespeare Club myself. While I may not have understood it all as a child, and am merely on my journey still now, I think students ought to be exposed to the iambic pentameter and the Classic plays early! There are so many themes and emotions that children can latch onto. Great for reading comprehension, confidence building and lifelong trivia wins.