Fan Fiction

Monday - Friday, 3pm - 5pm



Does your student love listening to stories? Do they ever spin a tale themselves, maybe about how the dog, well, ate their homework? If you’re looking to help nourish your student’s creative energy and love for reading, this Fan Fiction Pod is the right fit!

Course Overview

At the beginning of the course I will conduct interviews with the students and parents to hear about what kind of stories they like to tell, movies they like to watch and genres they like to explore. Each Fan Fiction Pod syllabus will follow the interests of the Pod members. For all of the sessions, the students will prepare for creative storytelling through mind and body warm ups that open their imaginations like little flowers. Theatrical games are a ripe place to generate focus and enthusiasm, and we will use my toolbox as a lifelong theatermaker as needed throughout our Pod time. Each Fan Fiction Pod session will have a read aloud and then time for us to make a creative spin-off from what we read. We will explore many mediums, various genres and different adaptations of the original text. Expect handmade books, computer illustrations, filmed hand puppet sketches et al.

Sample Schedule

Mini Meditation
Physical Warm Up
Story Read Aloud
Art Time
Writing Time
Group Game
Mini Meditation

About the Teacher

I’m a voracious reader, art-inspired and very project motivated. This combo has led me to adapt several pieces of literature into my own art-creations-- mostly theatrical works, one short film and many comics. With storytelling one does not need to reinvent the wheel--even Homer gathered tales from other bards. I love the process of adaptation: being aware of one’s sources; choosing what stays and what goes; adding one’s own creative spin. This fan-fiction class will certainly extol Oscar Wilde’s wise words, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”