Part-Time Pod

Monday - Friday, 3pm - 5pm



After a full day of school and learning students can sometimes feel like anything after school is a chore but that doesn’t have to be the case! During my enrichment we will do a combination of things that are both academic and fun. I will get to know each student to determine where they need academic support and what their interests are. I will then design an afterschool experience that is specifically tailored to the group of students. I will keep families updated with daily pictures and a bi monthly progress report for your child. Students will leave wondering how the time went so fast!

Course Overview

This after-school pod will begin with assessment games and worksheets to figure out where students are strong and where they most need support. I will also conduct an interview with each family and child to determine student interests. Then I will design a personalized plan and schedule for the pod. This could look like 25 minutes- Snack and Game Time 30 minutes- Homework Support 25 minutes- Choice Time: art, academic support through games. 30 minutes- Individual Projects 30 minutes- FUN: Recess games, trivia, team-building 30 minutes- Individual Choice Time and Small Group Instruction 10 minutes- Mindfulness However, please note that this is just an example. This programming would be customized to your students needs and interests.

About the Teacher

I have loved being so flexible with my SchoolHouse Pod this year. We are able to follow our curiosities and build our school tools together because of our insistence to strive for our Pod Values. So long as the students are working towards Creativity, Respect, Curiosity, Kindness, Community, Citizenship, Awareness, Pride and Courage we can have a ton of fun together all while I’m supplying subtle lessons geared towards making the students love school.