Writing, ELA, Spanish, or Standardized Tests

Available Weekdays 4pm - 6pm. Minimum commitment 2 hours per week for 4 weeks.



Would your child benefit from extra academic support? Is there a particular content area that your child doesn’t quite grasp? Or perhaps your child is especially excited about a certain content area that they would like to explore more deeply. During a SchoolHouse tutoring block, your child will receive individualized tutoring led by a best-in-class SchoolHouse teacher. Our tutoring blocks begin with a review of current class material in order to get a sense of where any learning gaps may be occurring. From there, the tutor will spend time remediating those gaps. After this, the tutor will preview upcoming material so that your child can enter class feeling confident. We end each tutoring block with some type of activity or game, in order to reinforce lessons learned earlier in the session.

About the Teacher

I have tutored middle school and high school students for twelve years and know that with individualized attention and enough time set aside to focus and engage, a student can surprise even themselves. I bring my creativity to each lesson and build from a foundation of “you already got this” to “you can stretch a little in this way and, boom, you got this too!” Not only will our sessions build confidence, but the exercise builds the students’ muscles for them to apply the academic tools on their own. The different subjects I tutor are my different passions and I have different experiences teaching them all.