Taylor B.

  • Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • Near Fairfield County, Connecticut

Taylor got her Bachelor’s in History from the University of Vermont and her Master’s and Teaching Certification from Southern Connecticut State University. She has primarily taught 7th grade world regional studies and 8th grade civics. Taylor has experience as an advisor for the newspaper club, as a track/soccer coach, and has traveled the world while working as a dockhand on yachts.

Teaching Philosophy

Taylor’s educational philosophy is centered around the belief that you should teach the whole child. No matter what curriculum, she teaches in a way that supports each child’s interests and needs. Taylor creates a classroom environment where students feel safe taking intellectual risks. She is a proponent of problem-based or inquiry-based learning and believes the classroom should be a fun space where students feel confident, safe and happy.

How it works

What is Schoolhouse?

We started SchoolHouse with the intention of helping people start microschools because we saw that it was a better way to learn. That’s been our focus from the beginning and we’ve built the team with that purpose.

We are a team of teachers, school leaders and parents who are simply school nerds. We want to build the best schools in the world, only smaller and in your home..

Teacher Screening Process

We screen and vet every teacher thoroughly and accept between 5-7% of applicants. This is to ensure a high quality education across every SchoolHouse school.

We recruit teachers from a variety of backgrounds including private, public, and charter schools. We interview and offer competitive packages and small class sizes to attract top professionals.

Regarding Covid-19

Safety is our highest priority, for your family, the students we work with, and the teacher. We ask all teachers to follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines as it relates to COVID. Beyond that, we have all families and teacher in a pod agree on certain health guidelines and COVID protocols at the beginning of the pod so that there is not any ambiguity about what is expected.