Jeffrey Full Time Pod

Monday - Friday, 9am - 2pm

Full time


Every student has unique needs, strengths and areas of development. The purpose of a microschool is to provide each student with precisely what they need to be successful. At my microschool, instruction is targeted specifically for each student. We take advantage of the small class size to do the basics quickly and have plenty of time for project based learning, inquiry and experiential learning.

Course Overview

All inclusive full-school replacement, including the following areas of study: Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Health, Music, Art, and Physical Education.


I have delivered Language Arts, Math and Content curriculums generated by the state as well as generated my own curriculums over the years based on a school developed framework. Here are some of the curriculums I have drawn from in different subject areas:

Language Arts:
Writers Workshop
Basal Reading Programs such as Wonders and Treasures
Fontas and Pinnell
Literature Groups

A mathematics program rooted in problem solving, real life application, and a conceptual based approach that builds on concrete number sense before it evolves into abstract skills.
Eureka Math
Beast Academy
Real World Math

A science program rooted in hands-on activities and student inquiry which ties into cross-curricular areas such as social studies and informational reading.
Mystery Science
National Science Standards
Environmental Science Framework

Social Studies:
Immersive Field Trips
U.S. History Texts
World Cultures Texts
Learning about our state

I am comfortable using novels, current events, real-life math problems, Eureka Math, immersive field trips, engaging online content such as Mystery Science, IXL, and Beast Academy. I utilize journaling, and basal readers such as Wonders. I teach in a cross curricular fashion which often combines elements of science and social studies as we dig more into our state and United States history.

Sample Schedule

8:30 AM Morning Stretch/Workout
-Mindful Breathing
-Circle Time/Discussion Questions
9:15 AM - Language Arts
(whole group and rotations including writing, guided reading, and word work)
10:30 - Content (rotating units of science, social studies, and health every month)
11:15 - Lunch/Recess and P.E.
12:00 - Math
(whole group and rotations including math puzzles, small-group teacher instruction, and independent practice)
1:00 - Specials (Art/Music)
1:25 - Dismissal and Jobs

About the Teacher

I have experience expanding student learning beyond the classroom, including leading community service projects, writing clubs, cursive clubs, drama clubs, journalism classes, debate teams, music groups, and coaching basketball and soccer. I believe that this makes for a day that is both structured and engaging. Students become active learners, work on teams, compromise, and find real life applications for many of the skills they learn in the classroom.